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About Us

Brisbane Car Removal was established to serve the needs of people in the greater Brisbane area looking for a convenient way to dispose of their abandoned, old, scrap or no longer working vehicles, while also providing cash refunds for those vehicles. We recognise that there is a growing demand from motorists looking to sell vehicles nearing the end of their life cycle. Those vehicles may be difficult to keep on the road, sell privately or sell to a used car dealer. Many people have given up on selling their used cars, and just leave them to rot away in their yard. We offer a better alternative. Cars that are no longer running or roadworthy can still be sold for scrap metal and salvageable parts. Many people are pleasantly surprised to find that a vehicle they believed they could not sell, or thought they would have to pay to have removed, can still fetch a significant cash payment.We have expanded our operations to serve a larger area of southern Queensland, including Caboolture and the Sunshine Coast.

A key part of our business focus is to promote environmental awareness by encouraging recycling of car parts, car bodies, and ferrous and non-ferrous metals, while also reducing waste and landfill. Many disused vehicles contain useful parts that can be salvaged and reused, while the car body can be salvaged for scrap metal content to be used in the manufacturing of other industrial and household appliances. Oil, coolant, petrol and other fluids still in the vehicle are drained and correctly disposed of before the vehicle is dismantled and crushed, ensuring that harmful chemicals do not pose an environmental hazard to our land and waterways.